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Knife Safety Tips


1) Learn About Knife Safety

Most knife safety tips are appropriately related to the manner in which a knife is used. But knife safety is about far more than simply handling a blade with caution. Regular cleaning and preventive maintenance play a role in knife safety, as does a proper understanding and respect for the type of knife you are using.

2) Education and Knife Safety

Learning as much as you can about your knife and how to care for it is the basis of all knife safety. A good sharpening stone, properly used, will reduce the chance of a knife accident caused by a dull blade. Regular lubrication of folding knives will reduce the chance of mishaps due to malfunctioning parts.

Understanding your knife's design can also be a factor in reducing accidents. If you own a knife with a fixed blade, always keep it sheathed when not in use. As for folding blade knives, familiarize yourself thoroughly with the blade's strength and locking features. Compare the feel of different handle materials when you shop for a new knife, and choose the one that offers the surest grip and most ergonomic design.

Knife safety means knowing what your knife is capable of. A knife is a tool, but mishandled, it can quickly become a weapon. It's said that familiarity breeds contempt, but with knives, familiarity breeds safety.

3) How to Practice Knife Safety

The simplest of all knife safety guidelines is to always cut away from your body, never toward it. When you're using a knife, be attentive to the job at hand. You should always be aware of where your knife is pointed.

Do not run with a knife and do not sleep with a knife. Use your knife for appropriate tasks, not opening bottles or loosening screws.

Knife safety is about respect: respect for yourself and for the knife. Maintain that respect, and you'll use your knife safely.

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