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*Amazon Machete Kit - (Blade/Handle/Parts) - 24"blade - 29"overall
*Amazon Machete Kit - (Blade/Handle/Parts) - 24"blade - 29"overall
Stock# KKAM24K
Price: $26.95

If you could only own one knife, make it a machete! Used for centuries to clear the jungles and underbrush of South America, the Latin style machete is regarded worldwide as one of the best designs ever introduced. This is no doubt the result of countless hours of use and improvement. One swing and you'll agree, this is it!

Each Amazon Machete kit begins with a hand ground blade. Each one is designed and ground in South America by authentic, experienced machete bladesmiths. Known worldwide for their high-leverage cutting design, these traditional models are ground from 1060 carbon steel. They come with a contoured oak fitted handle and are ready to fit up and finish.

Each Amazon Machete Kit comes with blade(1), handle(1) and handle assembly parts(3)

General Kit Specifications
Amazon Machete 24"
Skill Rating: Level II
Blade Steel: 1060 Carbon Steel
RC = 54-56
(Heat Treated/Cryo-Treated for Optimum Blade Performance)
Blade Finish: Satin Finish
Blade Length: 24" Inches
Overall Length: 29" Inches
Blade Width: 2-1
Thickness: .070”

Volume Discount Available
1 2-45-910+

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