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Our 0.50 inch (1/2) MAXX Torque 5-Pack value combo of automatic coil springs are designed to replace many common knife springs from today's most popular automatics. Some of these include Combat Elite TAS autos, Benchmade, Boker, Dalton, S&W, Microtech, Paragon, Pro-Tech and other popular coil-fired knives. Our automatic coil springs are used by custom knife makers all over the world. These are the standard where performance and reliability are a must.

These 0.50 inch (1/2) MAXX Torque coils are a slightly stronger version of our standard coils. Designed to deliver an extra 4-6% more torque, you'll find this model is great for assisting longer blades, or in older actions. Some users prefer the stronger kick produced in standard replacement and find these an excellent upgrade. A strong, firm kick is the characteristic of the MAXX Torque model.

MAXX Torque
Coil Diameter 0.50 Inch
Stack Height 0.164 Inch
Wire Diameter 0.041
Quantity: (5 Pack)

Note: Please measure your spring size in inches before ordering. A rule of thumb is to measure the center of the pivot to the spring tip hole in the blade and double it for the correct coil diameter, in inches.


Manufacturer: CKK Industries

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