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These universal drop-style belt clips for 2.00 inch belts are very handy when your attachment mounting holes are lower than the belt line, allowing you to position your ride-height to your own personal preference, while using a preferred lower attachment point on your holster or sheath. This works very well when using the existing outer eyelet binding holes on a thermoform holster, for instance.

Our universal drop-style belt clips are non-drilled and can be adapted to any existing hole alignment. They can also be trimmed to your desired length, and feature a retention hook on the bottom of the loop to secure your rig. This value-priced combo is the 2-pack with mounting hardware included. Each Drop-Style Belt Clip comes with (1) AV-SP-1875-BK slotted post, (1) Truss Head Phillips Drive Screw (AV-832THP-BK-4375), and (1) W-EPDM-500180125 washer. This mounting hardware setup is perfect for most applications.

Universal Sheath/Holster Drop-Style Belt Clip (w/ Mounting Hardware)
Fits belt size up to 2.00 inches
Color: Tactical Black
Material: Proprietary Polymer
(4-5/8" x 3/4" x .135")
Pre-Drilled: No
Mounting Hardware: Yes
Comes With (2) 2.00" Drop-Style Belt Clips + (2) AV-SP-1875-BK slotted posts + (2) AV-832OHP-BK-4375 screws + (2) W-EPDM-500180125 washers
Sold As: (2 Pack)



Manufacturer: CKK Industries

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