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The Small Combat Loop (DCL-S) is one of the most advanced sheath and holster attachments to be introduced in years. This holster mounting attachment works great on KYDEX®, HOLSTEX®, Boltaron®, and leather sheaths and gun holsters. The design of the Small Combat Loop allows the attached item to be carried in the vertical or horizontal position on belts, and/or any type of web gear. This attachment works like a door swinging closed and snapping into place for a secured carry. The DCL-S can be unlocked and removed via a one-handed spring closure release. This same release has a built-in slide lock safety button to secure the mounting to your belt once affixed and closed. The DCL-S design is rugged and secure. The closure and safety "snaps" with rugged authority.

The DCL-S hole spacing features 1/2" inch on the centers and can be used with many common mounting posts and screws.

Size: Small
Dimensions: 1.50 in. x 1.35 in. (Inside)
                   1.55 in. x 2.80 in. (Outside)
Fits Belts: Up to 1.50 inch
Hardware Included: No
Mounting Hardware: Not included



Manufacturer: CKK Industries

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