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(IMPORTANT NOTE: This camo is being sold as a boneyard special due to it being slightly lighter than our normal print darkness. It is blemish free, but does not meet our strict guideline for color reproduction.)

The Riptile Carnivore Camo® was made for terrains with substantial amounts of vegetation. This camo works well in: wooded areas, forests and jungles. Make Riptile Carnivore Camo® the highlight of your next project.

Riptile Camo® pattern is applied with our industry leading digital infusion process. Our process allows the graphic to be thermally bonded to the top layer of the KYDEX® thermoform sheet, yet maintains the original sheet's texture and size better than any other infusion product. By maintaining the most original sheet texture, our process allows the graphic to display a 3D depth like never before. This is the best infusion print on the market, period.

Material = KYDEX®
Gauge = .080
Pattern = Riptile Camouflage® - (Carnivore Camo)
Texture = Cell/Smooth
Graphic Process - Digital Infused

Quantity: (2 Pack)

All Sizes Are Nominal


Manufacturer: CKK Industries

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