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Staying true to the "Live Safe" mantra, the Byrna Banshee is a military-grade, 130dB* personal safety alarm capable of producing an ear-piercing alert that draws attention to you and thwarts potential attacks.

• Packaged with a carabiner that conveniently attaches to the Byrna Banshee to backpacks, purse straps, and pant belt loops for quick access during emergencies

• Durable, water-resistant

• Replaceable batteries that last up to 1 year • Ideal for students, adults, seniors, and outdoor enthusiasts

*130dB is equivalent to hearing a military jet aircraft take-off from 50 ft. away.

130 Db
Personal Alarm

Note: We regret that BYRNA® products can not be shipped internationally.



Manufacturer: Byrna®

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