The 2" x 72" A/O X Flex sanding belt by Combat Abrasives is considered the standard in metal working belts. The A/O is for "aluminum oxide" abrasive media and the "X" flex refers to a stiffer, more durable synthetic cotton-poly backing material. These are an excellent middle ground belt weight that offer excellent performance between heavy duty grinding and finer detail work.

This version is the 220-grit aluminum oxide "X" flex sanding belt. This belt can be used for most aspects of metal sanding, such as heavy duty grinding down to finer sanding and shaping. As a reference, the lower the grit number, the more aggressive the removal of stock will be. It is wise to have multiple grit versions of these belts available in your shop to work from a starting point on a new project (where you want to remove material quickly) down to the refined shaping and finishing (where material is removed at a slower pace, but more refined.)

Brand: Combat Abrasives
Type: A/O X Flex
Abrasive: Aluminum Oxide
Grit: 220
Belt Size: 2 x 72 Inches


Manufacturer: Combat Abrasives

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