This is a Cutlery Rivet & step drill combo kit. It features 10 Cutlery Rivet Fasteners in the material and size specified below with the corresponding precision step drill for installation.

Commonly referred to as "Cutlery Rivets", these 2-part press-rivets are excellent when used for knife handle fasteners. To use them, drill a through-hole through your handle material for the shaft to pass through, then create a larger stepped hole for the head to recess in. The head on both sides of the rivet will then be sanded along with the surface of the handle material to create a seamless surface connection. Cutlery rivets have been used for many years to fasten handles on some of the most famous knives ever made. Knife handle rivets are extremely easy to use. They are joined by using a hammer and anvil surface to press the two parts together and can be epoxied for a permanent handle treatment.

Cutlery Rivet
Head Thickness = 0.063 in.
Head Diameter = 0.1875 in.
Shaft Length = 0.43 in. (F) / 0.37 (M)
Shaft Diameter = 0.11 in. (F) / .115 in. (Joined)
Overall Length = 0.520 in. (Joined)
Material = Brass

Step Drill
Designed for: Handle Fasteners
Bit Dimensions = (0.187 step x 0.120 pilot) Inch
Material = HSS - High-Speed Steel

Sold As: (10) Cutlery Rivet Male  + (10) Cutlery Rivet Female + (1) Step Drill


Manufacturer: CKK Industries

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