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How To Build: The Midwest Hunter Knife Kit by

In this video, shows how to build an excellent hunting knife kit called the Midwest Hunter. The Midwest Hunter knife kit in this demonstration video was built with pre-machined Canarywood handle scales. The video covers the complete knife kit build from assembly to final sanding and polishing. The Midwest Hunter knife kit is a great everyday carry kit that provides hours of fun and knife building experience.

Instructor = Steve Andrews

Builder = Kevin Coley
Video Format = HD (High Definition)
Video Run Time = 11:54

Check below for all the materials and tools that we used in this video to create your own Midwest Hunter knife kit.
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*Midwest Hunter - DIY Knife Kit - (Blade, Guard & Pinstock Only)

The Midwest Hunter knife kit is purpose built for use in the field. The drop point…

*Midwest Hunter - DIY Knife Kit w/Lacewood Handle Scales (pre-machined)

The Midwest Hunter knife kit is purpose built for use in the field. The drop point…

Devcon - Epoxy - 2 Ton (1oz)

Devcon™ is the knife maker's choice in 2-part epoxy! It's a fast drying chemical knife making adhesive that…

Pinstock - Round - (.125 x 6) - Stainless Steel

This is (.125" x 6") 416 Stainless Steel pin stock. It is used for attaching knife handles, guards,…

Sander/Grinder - 1 x 42 - Kalamazoo (1SM)

The Kalamazoo 1-SM 1 x 42 inch grinder is the perfect choice for pro level kit…

Thermoform Item Masking Tape - 3M Brand - (2in x 60yd)

This is 3M brand thermoform item masking tape. When creating a sheath or holster,…

Thong Hole Tubing for Knife Making - (.250 x 6) - Stainless

This is precision ground stainless steel tubing for knife making. Stainless steel tubing can be used for creating…

Result Pages:
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