The FL006 Frame Lock Folding Knife Kit includes all the parts needed to create the above pocket knife, including cocobolo dymondwood handles. This folding knife kit assembles easily and offers a lot of working canvas for modifications and embellishments. This is an excellent design for filework training, liner fileworking test treatments, and for overlay experimentation. Because of this project's simplicity, the FL006 is also a great pocket knife kit for beginners, requiring no modification to produce a great pocket knife.

This frame lock knife kit model features a fully stainless steel frame-lock design with open-spacer backspine. This project is a fun build, with great precision and action.

Click for instructions on building this knife kit - PDF Download General Kit Specifications
Skill Rating: Level I
Blade Steel: 440C (heat-treated to RC 56-58)
Handle Length: 4.50 Inches
Blade Length: 3.375 Inches
Overall Length: 7.75 Inches
Handle Material: Cocobolo Dymondwood (Included)
Pivot: Stainless Steel (pass-through)
Washers: Nylon
Gift Boxed: Yes

Requires T6 and T8 TORX drivers for basic assembly.


Manufacturer: CKK Industries

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