This is a Harvey Dean designed precision S-Pattern guard for a hidden tang knife. These are made from heat-treated, engravable 420 stainless steel and come with a satin finish. This design measures (4.125 x 1.15 x .240) and features a (.640 x .240) slipover slot. The slot features a front recess on the top and bottom to accommodate a radius between the tang and blade. This is common on welded, CNC'd,  or sawed tang transitions. This feature is great for assisting fit-up, and can be enlarged for increased tang dimensions. This model goes great with stainless handle fittings and is easy to finish.

Guard - S-Pattern
Designer: Harvey Dean
Finish: Satin
Dimensions (inches): L x W x T (4.125 x 1.15 x .240)
Slot (inches): L x W [.640 x .240]
Steel: 420SS (Engravable)
Heat Treated: Yes
Packaging: Bubble Bag


Manufacturer: CKK Industries

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