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This is a cast knife guard, pommel, and sheath mouth and tip set that can be used to complete a custom hidden tang fixed blade knife rig. These parts are a matched set and include decorative leaf motif patterns. The guard and scabbard mouth features blade slots which can be easily enlarged. All the parts feature slipover cavities for versatile fitting. These are a very high-quality, hand-cast set!

Guard - 2.50 x .965 x .900
Guard Slot - .425 x .060
Pommel - 1.13 x .1.20 x .835

Scabbard Tip - 1.80 x 1.61 x .640
Scabbard Mouth - 1.65 x .655 x 1.00
Scabbard Mouth Slot - 1.30 x .065
Material - Nickel Silver


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