Hempwood is the latest breakthrough in sustainable fiber-based wood substitute materials. It is derived from the fibers of the hemp plant and has a hardness that is 20% greater than Oak. Hempwood is made by a propriatary process where the hemp fibers are ground and pressed, then mixed with a soy-based glue for added strength and rigidity. Hempwood has a similar stability rating as Brazilian Cherry.

The Hempwood scale sets that we offer have been further customized. Each set has been vacuum dyed and stabilized to produce one of the most durable, and unique handle making products on the market. Add some "wow factor" to your next knife or gun handle project. Try some Hempwood on your next custom handle project.

Material: Hempwood
Density: 55
Hardness: 2000
Dyed: Yes (Red)
Stabilized: Yes
Dimensions: 6.0 x 1.50 x .275 inches  (Nominal +/- 0.02)
Made in USA


Manufacturer: CKK Industries

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