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KnifeKits.com is one of the world's most popular sellers of KYDEX®, HOLSTEX® and Boltaron® thermoform sheet materials. We offer more than 760 different variations. These inlude a vast array of colors, thicknesses, textures and types of sheath making materials, including KYDEX®, HOLSTEX® and Boltaron® sheet. These materials are available in standard cut sizes from (8x8 inches) to (4x8 feet). We also offer free custom cut-downs to our customers. This free service allows you to order your materials in pre-cut sizes to help you minimize production loss where needed on larger runs, a time and cost saver.

Our KYDEX® thermoform sheet line includes 23 standard colors and 100's of infused graphic camos and licensed prints. We feature more licensed KYDEX® camo patterns than all other competitors combined. We currently maintain licensing agreements with the world's best graphic brands, including Bone Collector™, BullGator®, Canebrake™, Freedomflage®, HexCam™, KINGS®, Kryptek®, Mossy Oak®, Realtree®, Reaper™, Riptile Camouflage®, SIRPHIS®, The Mountain Viper™, Treezyn, TrueTimber®, and Venomous™. CKK infused graphic KYDEX® materials are second to none in the industry. Our industry leading infusion process showcases vivid color and maximum scratch resistance across all of our graphic KYDEX® thermoform sheet line.

KnifeKits.com is proud to also offer HOLSTEX® thermoform sheet, a premium option in sheath making material. HOLSTEX® holsters have won more "Holster of the Year" awards than all other thermoform materials. This product features advanced 3D surface textures. Textures like carbon fiber, Raptor™, tactical, smooth and the new basketweave (Due 03/2020) distinguish this excellent thermoform sheet high end holster maker's material. HOLSTEX® sheet comes with a surface protection mask (SPM) to insure that the first user gets to expose the pristine surface of the new material. HOLSTEX® sheet is available in 20 standard colors, 4 thicknesses and 4 unique textures.

Our Boltaron® thermoform sheet line features 5 standard colors and 3 thicknesses. This material is a very similar to KYDEX® in workability and is an excellent alternative to this popular product for holster and sheath makers. Our Boltaron® sheet materials are matched to the standard base colors we offer in other products. This allows holster builders to use this material in applications where accurate color blending is needed. Many holster makers prefer Boltaron® over KYDEX® and HOLSTEX®. We feel that Boltaron® holsters and sheaths are a very good option. With as many professional holster making companies using Boltaron® sheet as there are in today's market, we feel that this is an excellent option for a holster maker's alternative to a DIY KYDEX® holster.

KnifeKits.com is also proud to offer leather holster and sheath making materials. Our leather sheet is available in 5 standard dye colors. These are designed to work in unison with our thermoform materials. This is a must-have for sheath builders who are building hybrid rigs with both leather and thermoform sheet. We hand-cut our leather hides to select the very best parts for quality surface presentation. As many of our customers are professional holster and sheath makers, they demand surface quality from holster material suppliers. We understand that, and deliver it.


Free Custom Cuts on KYDEX®, HOLSTEX® & Boltaron®

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