EDC Wrap™ - A Wrap for Everything You Carry!


This is EDC Wrap™ by CKK Industries. It is an adhesive fabric wrap for holsters, sheaths, and many other items. EDC Wrap™ is made from Cordura® Fabric and Polyester Oxford Fabric. Cordura® is known for its durability and resistance to scratches, abrasions, and tears. Both fabric types are coated in polyurethane and a water repellent for additional protection from outdoor weather effects. Cordura® and Polyester Oxford Fabric are commonly used in backpacks, military gear, and outdoor gear.

A Wrap for Everything You Carry: EDC Wrap™ has an unlimited amount of wrapping options but it is commonly used to provide a new look to everyday carry items. Example items include; KYDEX® holsters, sheaths, magazines, knee pads, communication headphones, and many more! EDC Wrap™ has many different color and camouflage pattern options to help match your everyday carry items to your preferred clothing and gear.

Easy to Use: To use EDC Wrap™, simply peel off the adhesive transfer paper on the back of the EDC Wrap™ and begin wrapping your object. Make sure to place the object you are wrapping near the center of the sheet. Begin folding the EDC Wrap™ toward your object and firmly press the adhesive onto the object. You will need to workout any air bubbles that may occur toward the outer edges of the object. Finally, you can remove any excess material from your object.

Made in USA: Our EDC Wrap™ is proudly made in the U.S.A. Each sheet is individually packaged and inspected by our staff. We take the greatest of pride in the products that we offer and stand behind every item sold. Order with confidence!

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