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These Talon Retention System designed owb belt loops are designed for outside-the-waistband sheath or holsters. There are two different designs that add customization options for the holster or sheath maker. Choose from the belt slide mount or belt loops for your owb sheath or holster.
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OWB Angled Loop - Universal - Injection Molded - (1.75in) - Black - (Pair)

These are angled-design OWB (outside-the-waistband) belt loops from Talon Retention Systems. They are universal in design…

OWB Angled Loop - Universal - Injection Molded - (2.00in) - Black - (Pair)

These are angled-design OWB (outside-the-waistband) belt loops…

TRS - Belt Slide Mount - Sheath/Holster

This is a contoured universal belt slide mounting attachment. It is made with high impact plastic for…

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