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Don’t know where to start creating your very own custom holster or sheath, then look no further than Below, has all the holster making tools and supplies to help you get started to create your personal sheath and holster that fits your weapon. We recommend starting with a KYDEX® Molding Press. We carry a full line of KYDEX® presses and vacuum forming systems. Over the last 20 years, we have developed the number one selling steel design KYDEX® molding press systems in the 12”- and 24”-inch KYDEX® press. We also offer a KYDEX® pinch-forming press, sometimes referred to as the "KYDEX® Taco Press". Finally, we offer a full range of KYDEX® vacuum forming presses and replacement membranes for production KYDEX® holster making shops. All of these molding presses will allow you to gain great detail and performance in your holster and/or sheath.


We also offer a variety of drills and hole punches to allow you to add holes for Eyelets/Rivets to your holster or sheath. To add Eyelets and Rivets to your holster try some of our most popular eyelet flaring tools are the Journeyman Series, Master Series, and the Hand Setter Kits. All CKK rivet flaring dies have been heat-treated for long life. They have also been tumbling polished to ensure the correct smoothness needed for a professional rivet/eyelet finish. No other flaring dies in the industry work better than ours! CKK Dies are the industry standard, used by professionals who make thousands of sheaths and holsters.


To finish the edges of your sheath and holster try our Sanding/Polishing categories. This category includes all the tools you need to get the mirror-like edges on your custom projects. Belt Cleaners, sanding belts/disc, and polishing wheels are included in this category. also has more holster making tools and supplies, just click on the thumbnails to find more information on our holster making tools.

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