DIY Video Lesson
Sheath/Holster Making
Making a 2-Piece (Sandwich) Holster - Basic Design & Construction
w/Dave White (NSR Tactical)

In this video, Dave White of NSR Tactical shows you his personal method for designing and forming a basic 2-piece (sandwich-style) holster for an M&P Shield. Watch Dave illustrate the basic steps necessary to layout and construct a KYDEX® vacuum formed holster for this great handgun.

Included in this presentation:
1) Basic vacuum forming
2) Tee-shirt style heat-press usage
3) Drilling and eyelet placement
4) Edge Finishing (sanding/buffing)
5) Many KYDEX® working techniques

Instructor = Dave White
Video Format = HD (High Definition)
Video Run Time = 42.51

Check below for many of the materials and tools that we used in this video to customize your own 2-piece holster.

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