This damascus hidden tang blade kit design is called the "Jackal". It is a USA Made carbon steel damascus fixed blade knife blank that is hollow-ground and ready to build. This damascus hidden tang knife kit model will make a great personal knife for the DIY builder. It is expertly designed and well made.

With a blade length of 4-5/8" and an overall length of 7-1/4 inches, this design is a perfect carry size. Hollow ground on both sides, the Jackal's blade is 1.125" wide.

This damascus knife blank design features (1) .187" through hole for handle construction. The tang hole can be modified with ease to work with larger pinstock, or with a threaded fastener. Please see our drills and taps sections for more options.

Blade Length = 4.65"
Overall Length = 7.25"
Tang Hole (1) .187"
Heat Treated = Yes
Hardness: 56-58 RC
USA Made

Damascus Configuration
3 Layers 52100
4 Layers 5160
3 Layers 203E
3 Layers 15n20
Folded = 5 times
Total Layers = 416


Manufacturer: CKK Industries

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