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Chinaberry is a beautifully grained exotic wood that is commonly used for high-end furniture, veneers, carvings, and turned objects. Because of its medium density, it is easy to work with using common workshop tools and techniques. Our Chinaberry has been specifically handpicked for use as knife and gun handle blanks, with a particular attention placed on the matching of grains and symmetries. We take this material to an extra level of workability and performance by dying and stabilizing our Chinaberry under high vacuum pressure. This not only brings out wonderful tones and contrasts, but also makes each scale set a unique, one-of-a-kind material that is both artistically pleasing, but also highly performing, as the dyed stabilizing resin serves to harden and preserve the final wood. In essence, our stabilized and dyed Chinaberry wood has distinctly increased properties of liquid absorption resistance and aesthetic grain contrasts. Consider trying some on your next knife or gun handle project and create something truly unique and bespoke.
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Chinaberry Wood - Handle Scale Set - (Stabilized) - (Dyed) - (6.0 x 1.5 x 0.25)

Chinaberry knife handle scales feature beautiful striations and grain patterns. Chinaberry is an excellent material for handle use…

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