The Amazon Machete Knife Kit Series with Knife Kit Builder Upgrades


This complete machete making kit design is called the "Amazon Machete". The Amazon Machete kit makes a fantastic machete knife with a Latin style blade design. Each Amazon Machete knife making kit begins with a hand ground blade. Each one is designed and ground in South America by authentic, experienced machete bladesmiths. Known worldwide for their high-leverage cutting design, these traditional models are ground from 1060 carbon steel. They come with a contoured oak fitted handle and are ready to fit up and finish. If you ever wanted to learn how to make a machete, consider the Amazon Machete knife kit. Using this complete machete making kit for your next project will not only “wow” your friends but it will create something to pass down from generation to generation.
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*Amazon Machete Kit - (Blade Blank/Handle/Parts) - 24"blade - 29"overall

If you could only own one knife, make it a machete! Used for centuries to clear the jungles…

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