The Chopper Damascus DIY Knife Blade Blank & Builder Upgrade Options


This chopper knife template design is called the "The Chopper". The Chopper fixed blade knife kit makes a fantastic personal chopping knife with a round blade design. This chopper knife blank model would make a fantastic project knife or a fine presentation piece. Add some exotic handle scales and sand to finish. If you ever wanted to learn how to make a chopping knife, consider the Chopper knife kit. Whether you make this chopping knife blank as an art piece or build it for chopping, the Chopper knife kit makes for a fun project and a great knife for knife making experience.
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*The Chopper - (USA Damascus) - DIY Knife Kit - (Blade Blank & Pinstock Only)

This damascus chopper knife kit is called "The Chopper". It is a USA Made carbon steel…

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