From the opening SNAP! the closing CLICK! This is a guided tour through the internal parts of folding knives. And how they work. What makes them tick. And what makes them click.

Collecting knives because they look neat is OK. And there are many knife books full of pretty pictures. Those are like a beauty pageant. This book is like a strip show. The mystery on the inside gets revealed! A coffee table book, this sure ain't. There are many pictures, but these drawings and photos provide a visualization of mechanisms. There are descriptions of how they work. And usually discussions on the mechanical good points, bad points. And sometimes a bit of physics, history, and some knife BS in general. I've gathered some input from inventors and knifemakers to make it more fun.

I attempt to explain these mechanisms with enough clarity so that the function is understood the first time. But on the tricky ones I usually do a recap from a different angle, use as many illustrations as necessary. It is a fun book, but this stuff can get technical, and it can! get hard. But that also can be the fun!

This book is aimed at the collector. You don't have to be a sophisticated collector. But by the end of the book, you likely will be. And a better collector. Because you'll enjoy it more.

My teaching style is informal. Just conversational, as if we were engaged in knife talk. Sometimes, I do lecture. But mainly I just try to communicate. There is little concern for formality. I didn't want a "dry" book or textbook. I attempt a little humor, throw in some stories, add a bit of bio on a few knife designers and knife makes. Yet I won't pull any punches on mechanisms. I didn't exclude any that are complicated nor gloss over or short change the explanations. Like the book or not, that is the one thing that I did my best to deliver on. I hope you'll feel that I didn't let you down.

Finally I am sorry to say not every known knife mechanism got included in this book. That surely was impossible. But you'll find a boatload in here. There are some pretty exotic mechanisms for you to discover. Regrettably even a few of the common ones missed the boat. You won't find liner locks or out-the-front automatics, and a few more. Those, we plan for a next edition. I just wrote spontaneously, and from the heart. I expect you will learn something about knife mechanisms. Just for the fun of it!

     LeRoi Price

Knife Mechanism Book
Knife Mechanisms just for the fun of it! (Price)
(272 Pages, Diagrams and Photos)
Author: LeRoi Price




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