These are stainless steel micro caged bearing washers for knife pivots. CKK micro bearings are specially designed for creating the maximum friction-free contact between the blade and liner on folding knives. These bearings are high precision, well made, and extremely durable. Each stainless steel ball is caged within its own micro setting. These are part of the main washer bezel and are balanced by a full distribution of similar ball settings. With heat-treated balls and bezel, each washer is able to withstand countless openings with smooth precision and straight blade alignment. These are as smooth and stout as it gets.  

Micro Bearing Washer
Diameter: (Outer) 0.473 Inches  / 12.01 mm
Diameter (Inner) 0.238 Inches / 6.055 mm
Thickness: 0.094 Inches (Ball Diameter) / 2.39 mm
Finish: Satin Bezel

Sold As: 1 Pair
(1) Package = (2) Bearing Washers



Manufacturer: CKK Industries

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