The Arkfeld is the first dual light source and portable EDC Flashlight from Olight®. The Arkfeld personal flashlight has 2 color temperatures, 5 brightness levels, as well as a memory function that allows you to select what you prefer with one single click. The Arkfeld produces an amazing max 1000 lumen output and is easily able to light up every corner in your view. This model also features a green laser. This is a great feature to have when you are making a presentation or amusing your pet. The creative switch design of the Arkfeld (Central Button & Selector) are both practical and beautiful. This model also features a super-convenient magnetic charging cable. Last but not least, the Arkfeld flashlight is flat and features a pocket attachment clip.

Brand: Olight
Flashlight Model: Arkfeld
Color: Optic Orange
Max Lumins: 1000
Max Runtime: 8 Days
Pocket Clip: Yes
Magnetic Charger Included: Yes


Manufacturer: Olight®

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