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The Tactical Pattern HOLSTEX™ Sheath Making Kit is a great way to go when you're making your own custom knife sheath, gun holster or other carry system. This kit contains everything you need to make a top quality HOLSTEX™ sheath for your knife, gun, flashlight or other item. We supply (1) 12x12 .080 gauge HOLSTEX™ sheet, (1) 20lb pull ball chain, (10) 8-9 black rivets and (1) custom vertical/horizontal universal pre-formed belt loop with mounting fasteners.

Color =  Foliage Green
Texture Side A/Side B = Tactical

The Kit contains:

(1) 12x12 piece of .080 HOLSTEX™ material
(1) Ball chain 20 lb pull (breaking strength) This chain is common on neck style knives.
(10) #8 - 9 black rivets. Requires a .25 inch hole in the sheath for fastening.
(1) 2" Belt Size Capable, Matching Color Custom Pre-formed CKK Design HOLSTEX™ Belt Loop (w/fastening hardware)(Vertical/Horizontal carry) Universal Mounting Design


Manufacturer: HOLSTEX™

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