(Note: This material is Grade A material. It is value priced due to its special sizing.)

This is premium USA-made carbon fiber handle material. The style of the carbon fiber cloth that this handle material is constructed from is 3K-twill and has a 4mm x 4mm weave pattern. This style of weave pattern is commonly referred to as "standard weave". It has a 3000 thread density and is created under high vacuum pressure to eliminate voids and pits. This is a "must" for carbon fiber handle material that will be sanded to a final radius or milled in a 3D textured pattern.

Our premium carbon fiber handle materials can be found on the finest knives and gun handle grips on the market today. Professional knife makers and gunsmiths worldwide have depended on our carbon fiber handle materials for their knife and gun handle projects for over 20 years.  

Carbon Fiber Strip
(1.5" x 2")
Thickness: .125"
Weave Pattern: 2mm x 4mm ("Standard Weave")
Carbon Fiber Sheet Density: 3K
Color: Tactical Black
Made in USA


Manufacturer: CKK Industries

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