Note: This item's box has been previously opened as a filming sample. This item is unused and all parts are included.

The Lady Slipper is a 5.25 inch overall length single-bladed slipjoint folding knife design. It features a 2.20 inch blade length with a 1.80 inch cutting edge. This design features pre-mounted 410 stainless steel bolsters on the front and rear of the handle, and offers a 2.0 x 0.75 inch inlay area on each side for handle treatments. The Lady Slipper parts kit includes everything need to assemble this design, with the exception of handle material. Handle mounting pins are included. This kit model also includes 2 pieces of shim stock to aide in construction.

The Lady Slipper is a USA design, and comes in an elegant gift box. This model offers plenty of builder challenge, and will produce an heirloom quality pocket knife with proper construction and finishing.

Model: Lady Slipper
Type: Slipjoint Folder
Overall Length: 5.25 Inch
Blade Length: 2.20 Inches
Cutting Edge: 1.80 Inches
Blade Steel: 440C
Bolster Steel: 410SS
Shim Stock Included: Yes
Handle Pins Included: Yes
Designed in USA

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Manufacturer: EZSMITH

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