This is our precision pass-through "D-Style" pivot assembly, designed and manufactured by Darrel Ralph. This model can be used in all types of folder designs, and is particularly suited in designs where exposed pivot adjustment is required. This design can be used were a round pivot is used as well.

Note - These pivots did not meet our quality finish standards and are being offered as boneyard specials. They are fully functional and can be hand-polished to a mirror finish, if desired. 

Pivot Diameter = 5mm or .195"
Head Diameter = 6.35mm or .250"
Barrel Length = 8.38mm or .330" (under head)
Pivot Screw = 6-32 BHT (1/4) - *(Not Included in this offer)

All pivots are heat treated for low wear.

(1 Package = 1 Pivot)



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