Super Naturals are a modern twist on exotic handle material. These unique, highly exotic knife scale sets are one-of-a-kind mosaic compositions of wild animal bone, horn, tusk, shell, coral and other natural materials. Set in super-strong resin base, they can be shaped, sanded and finished to form full handles, inlays and other uses. These natural bone knife handle scales are incredibly strong, yet workable to a fine mirror finish, if desired.

This knife handle scale pair is composed from giraffe leg bone marrow set in
emerald green dyed resin.  

Click for instructions on finishing this handle material - PDF Download
Super Natural Scales
Giraffe Bone Marrow
Emerald Green Dyed Resin
(4.8 x 2 x .3) - (Set 1271)

Note: The Super Natural scale set in the image above/below is the actual set being sold under this stock number.


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