Super Naturals are a modern twist on exotic handle material. These unique, highly exotic knife scale sets are one-of-a-kind mosaic compositions of wild animal bone, horn, tusk, shell, coral and other natural materials. Set in super-strong resin base, they can be shaped, sanded and finished to form full handles, inlays and other uses. These natural bone knife handle scales are incredibly strong, yet workable to a fine mirror finish, if desired.

This knife handle scale pair is composed from giraffe leg bone marrow set in
a sun-kissed orange dyed resin.  

Click for instructions on finishing this handle material - PDF Download
Super Natural Scales
Giraffe Bone Marrow
Sun-Kissed Orange Dyed Resin
(4.6 x 2 x .3) - (Set 1421)

Note: The Super Natural scale set in the image above/below is the actual set being sold under this stock number.


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