Master series split mold weapon forming props are used for making thermoform custom holsters. Using this master series OWB Backerboard allows for adjustable vacuum forming of a pre-radiused ergonomic holster form using any optional master series split mold model. With 4 sizing adjustment widths, this base will securely hold your molds in place and give you the offset width option needed for each job. One OWB Backerboard works with every master series weapon mold. This design is pre-drilled and comes with (4) alignment pins. It features air channels and seal on lower side of base.

The Master Series OWB Backerboard is made in the USA with the professional holster maker in mind.

Manufacturer - Multi Mold®
Master Series - OWB Backerboard for Master Series Split Molds
Fits Model: All Master Series Weapons Molds

Finish - Matte

Note: Sample image shows separation point examples. Master Series Weapon Molds sold separately.



Manufacturer: On Target Gun Molds™

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