Voodoo Resins are the latest in modern knife and gun handle making material. These unique, highly exotic knife handle scales are one-of-a-kind mosaic compositions with pearlescent resins. Set in super-strong resin base, they can be shaped, sanded and finished to form full knife handles, inlays and other uses. They are incredibly strong, yet workable to a fine mirror finish, if desired. 

Click for instructions on finishing this handle material - PDF DownloadVoodoo Resins
"Bora Copper Swirl Kraken Core"
Glow Color - Toxic Green
(2)(6.0 x 2.0 x 0.25)

Note: The Voodoo Resins scale set in the image above/below is the actual set being sold under this stock number.



Manufacturer: Voodoo Resins

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