Carbon Fiber 4x4 3K Twill Handle Material


Our 4x4 3K Twill carbon fiber handle material is made under high vacuum pressure. This process helps to insure the highest quality carbon fiber handle material available by virtually eliminating pits and voids in the compressed carbon fiber cloth layers. The phenolic resin that we use to construct our carbon fiber material is finest. The resin we use to make our carbon fiber handle materials is ultra-high grade, dries to a clear solid state, and is incredibly durable, even though it sands, buffs and works with relative ease. The 4x4 3K Twill version of our carbon fiber handle material line is a "standard weave" variation. It is available in sheet sizes, as well as knife and gun handle scale pairs. We offer standard thicknesses of .187" and .250", and can produce 4x4 3K Twill carbon fiber sheet in thicknesses up to .50 inches on special request.
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Carbon Fiber Handle Material - (4x4 3K Twill) - (Handle Scale Set) - (1.5 x 5 x .125)

This is premium USA-made carbon fiber handle material. The style of the carbon fiber cloth that this handle material is constructed…

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