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This is the Journeyman eyelet setting combo package. It comes with the CKK Die Guide and (1) set each of our CKK #6 (3/16) and CKK #8 (1/4) inch Journeyman Series eyelet setting dies. Each die is a CKK design and includes (1) ram and (1) base.

Each CKK Journeyman eyelet setting die set is designed to "roll" the un-flared side of an eyelet (see photo) by using very light striking pressure from a small hammer in conjunction with our Journeyman Series die guide to keep the angle straight and flush. Each CKK Journeyman Series setting system is milled from high quality stainless steel. Each has been tumble polished to insure the correct smoothness needed to achieve a professional eyelet finish. CKK Dies are the industry standard for DIY holster making. They are used by individuals and professionals who make thousands of holsters and sheaths.

CKK Journeyman Eyelet Setter System
#6 Die = Designed for 3/16 eyelet.
#8 Die = Designed for 1/4 eyelet.
Die Guide = Designed for holding dies at a flush angle.



Manufacturer: CKK Industries

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