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Sheath/Holster Thermoform Combo Kit
Basic Set

If you're just beginning to experiment with making KYDEX®, HOLSTEX® or BOLTARON® sheaths and holsters, this is the best combo kit on the market to get you off and running to a good start. This basic combo kit contains all of the tools that you'll need to get started making good quality sheaths, holsters and other thermoform items.

Included in Basic Kit 
(1) Sheath/Holster Molding Press (12 inch model) (STK# KKSMP-12)
(1) Rivet/Eyelet Drill - #8   (STK# KYDRL8)
(1) Rivet/Eyelet Drill - #6   (STK# KYDRL6)
(1) Thermoform Heat Gun (Econo)   (STK# KY158678)
(1) Rivet/Eyelet Hand Setter - #8   (STK# HRSK8)
(1) Rivet/Eyelet Hand Setter - #6   (STK# HRSK6)

(Please note that the finished sheath in the above image is for sample display only and is not included in the combo kit.)


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