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"American Safety Molds" firearm simulators are rapidly becoming the professional standard for firearm safety instruction and "non-live" fire training. As a training prop, American Safety Molds training simulators make a safe alternative to training with a live firearm. They are ideal for the development of key skills in the handling, and use of firearms. American Safety Molds are actively used by military, law enforcement, and private training organizations to assist the training and familiarization of firearm students around the world.

Also, professional holster makers know that the safest, cleanest, and least damaging way to create a holster for a valuable handgun is to use a molding prop. American Safety Molds make one of the best holster molding props on the market. American Safety Molds "Natural" and "Prepped" molds feature fill-ins of the trigger guard, ejection port, sight channel, and a blocked slide release. This improves the draw and re-holstering quality of the finished holster form, and allows the holster maker to custom design the retention and clearance of the sites and other protrusions. When employed as a holster molding prop, American Safety Molds can be used to create unlimited holsters with, as they are highly durable and resist deformation. Because they are precision copies of the original weapon's size and shape, they can be used to create a precise fitting holster without damaging the finish of a valuable handgun in the process. American Safety Molds are compatible with the below brands.

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