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HOLSTEX® is the latest breakthrough in DIY Thermoform Sheet material. It is designed exclusively for small to medium scale heat forming and is a revolutionary step forward for professional sheath and holster makers, as well as  DIY thermoform artists. HOLSTEX® Ghost is the clearest version of thermoform sheet material that we have ever produced. It can be used for almost any application, as object visibility and/or background blending is superb. 

What makes HOLSTEX® superior to competitive thermoform sheeting?

    • HOLSTEX® is the world's only thermoform sheet material that offers a dual-side texture finish as a standard option (see images). This insures ultimate formability, as the texture is uniformly visible from any angle in the final formed object. No other material offers this standard feature, effectively doubling the application potential of the material.
    • HOLSTEX® offers a revolutionary breakthrough with dual H-SPM™ protective layering (Surface Protection Mask). This special protective mask comes standard on all HOLSTEX® sheet. It is pre-applied to each texture side and is self-adhesive. H-SPM™ has been specially designed to protect the pristine finish of the sheet texture during transport and pre-form handling. It has been additionally designed to be used to pre-wrap objects prior to heat forming (see images). This adds additional protection for the object's finish during heat molding. Once forming has been completed, it can be easily removed and discarded without damaging the item. The thickness of the H-SPM™ layer is minimal and will not distort the forming angles created during heat molding*.
    • HOLSTEX® colors and texture finishes were created to offer maximum appeal and usability. Offering industry standard scratch resistance and uniform dual-side texture coverage, HOLSTEX® is available in colors and patterns that are both unique and exclusive to this product line. HOLSTEX® resists scratching better than any competitive material, yet it is not hard or inflexible. This performance advancement extends the attractiveness and life of this product well past other thermoform sheet materials, making it the clear choice for professional thermoform artists who sell their formed goods.


Product Specifications
Premium DIY Thermoform Sheet
Texture = None (smooth on both sides)
Thickness = .093
Color = Ghost - Clear

(This product is sold by the foot.)
QTY 1 = (1) 12 x 12 inch sheet (nominal cut)
QTY 4 = (2) 12 x 24 inch sheets

Please Note:
Orders of (4) nominal feet (or more) will be be shipped in 12" x 24" sheets.

* We recommend removing the surface protection mask layer prior to forming.

We offer custom colors, prints, thicknesses and cuts on all thermoform materials. If you have a special project need, please contact us for assistance and/or details.


Manufacturer: HOLSTEX®

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