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These are our collection of blade stop pins for folding knives. These blade stop pins come in different sizes and designs to fit with most folding knives. Most of the blade stop pins are heat treated for low wear. These blade stop pins represent the very best in knife making parts.
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Blade Stop Pin - CKK Standard Design - (3/16) - (Black)

These are CKK designed standard (.1875" diameter x .300" length) hardened stainless steel stop pins with black oxide coating.…

Blade Stop Pin - CKK Standard Design - (5/32)

Our 5/32 hardened stainless steel stop pins are among the most versatile in the knife making…

Blade Stop Pin - CKK Standard Design - (7/32)

Our 7/32" hardened stainless steel stop pins are the precision standard in the pocket knife making industry. This is…

Blade Stop Pin - Stabilizer Design - (.137)

This DDR/CKK designed compact blade stop pin is perfect for modern custom folder making. The unique…

Result Pages:
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