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This is our collection of knife sharpening tools for getting the best blade edge on your knife project. This includes the very popular Smith'ss Adjustable Angle Pull-Thru Knife Sharpener. This new sharpener features Smiths diamond and ceramic abrasive materials, and an angle adjust dial that enables you to sharpen everything from thin kitchen knives to thicker hunting knives at the same angle as the original factory edge. Just set the angle, then pull your blade through the slots. We also carry Smith's Course Diamond bench stones and Arkansas stone for a more hands on approach to sharpening your blades. Finally, we also carry Smith's collection of electric sharpeners. The Smith's Diamond Edge Electric Knife Sharpener incorporates both mechanical and manual sharpening elements in one unit. The mechanical sharpening slot features a diamond coated sharpening wheel and blade guides to hold your knife at the correct angle during mechanical sharpening. If you are looking for the best knife sharpeners on the market, look no further than the Smith's knife sharpening collection.
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Smiths Broadhead Sharpener

Smith’s Broadhead Sharpener is specially designed to sharpen broadhead hunting arrows and knives. It features two pre-set tungsten…

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