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These are sander and grinder asseccories for more precise sanding angles and finishes. This includes the sanding bevel jigs and the blade grinding jigs: The Creative Man bevel jig is designed to make the blade grinding process much easier by helping control the angle and precision of the grinding operation. To use this grinding bevel jig tool, fasten the unground blade in the grinding jig and move the low-friction nylon bottom plate across the base platen of your grinder and against the abrasive belt until the desired blade grind is achieved. With this grinding bevel jig tool, producing a quality, precision grind is a much simpler process. This is the TR Maker Large Adjustable Blade Grinding Jig. It is perfect for achieving consistency with set angles in blade grinds. It has grind angle adjustability from 85 degrees to 125 degrees. It is made with T6061 aluminum and features a durable plastic base for many smooth glides across your grinder's workrest.This is a great tool to have when it comes to grinding your own blades.
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Sander/Grinder - Bevel Jig - Stainless Steel

Creative Man Bevel Jig


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