NOTE: This is a hand-picked paracord variety box. Care has been taken to ensure that each box contains a minimum of 200 feet of paracord. Each box is different, with no guarantees as to what colors or patterns you will get in your box, but a minimum of 4 different colors will be included. There are no returns, refunds, or exchanges on this item.

This is a paracord mystery box. It contains various paracord colors and lengths that we have left over from large customer orders. In our case, it is easier to use a new cord spool rather than keep up with partial spools that are too short to fill a continuous length future order. For lanyard makers who want to save some real money and want to work with a wide variety of styles and types of 550 paracord, this is the best deal on paracord rope on the planet!

Material: Paracord Mystery Box
Colors: Wide Range
Gauges: 550 Paracord
Graphics: Wide Range
Average Amount: (200 Linear Feet - minimum)


Manufacturer: CKK Industries

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