This Vibra-Tite™ formula is a medium strength, oil tolerant anaerobic threadlocker designed for locking threaded fasteners and screws up to to 3/4'' in diameter that require disassembly with standard hand tools. This unique blend exhibits good temperature and solvent resistance.

Color = Blue
Temp Range Low = -65°F
Temp Range High = 300°F
Max Gap Fill (in) = 0.015
Break Away Torque (in lbs) = 195
Prevailing Off Torque (in lbs) = 70
Fixture Time = 20-30 min
Full Cure Time = 24 hrs
Specific Gravity = 1.1
Primers = N, T
MSDS Number = ND3249

Competes With...
ASI 43 TL, Hernon Nuts N Bolts 434, Holdtite T43, Loctite 243®, Parson 3243, Titan 7243, Turbo-Lock 11 OR

Viscosity (cP) = 2250 – 12000


Manufacturer: Vibra-Tite

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