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Our PBW316 series phosphorous-bronze pivot washers were designed to our specifications, ultimately to replace the standard Teflon washers in our large kit models and for builders who want the best in performance. These are designed to fit any 3/16" pivot pin in any folding knife or balisong on the market. These washers help the blade to become more ridged in the handle, reducing side-to-side play, while producing the smoothest action and slippage available.

Our 3/16" phosphorous-bronze pivot pin washers are designed to work in any folding knife or balisong. Professionals prefer the phosphorous-bronze composite washer material for its ultra-high slip properties, while providing excellent tensile strength, a noted characteristic of all high performance folding knives.

The smaller size PBW532 - 5/32 washer fits a .162 (or 4mm) pivot, such as that on the
DDR2, GX6 and GPC1000, or any folder pivot that is .162 (4mm) or 5/32 in size.

The largest size we have is the PBW316X. It is a 1/2 x 3/16 x .020 washer and fits a number of standard 3/16's pivots which are found on this site and in many current production and custom made folders. These are designed for large surface contact and produce the ultimate replacement/upgrade washer system on the market today for this type of design.

Available sizes are:

PBW316X = .500 OD X .197 ID X .O2 THICK

= .330 OD X .197 ID X .O2 THICK (for DDR1, DDR3, Typhoon)
PBW316B = .330 OD X .197 ID X .O15 THICK
PBW316C = .330 OD X .197 ID X .O10 THICK
PBW316D = .330 OD X .197 ID X .O05 THICK

PBW532 = .275 OD X .157 ID X .O2 THICK (for DDR2, GX6, GPC1000)

Note: (1 set = 2 washers)


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