The Typhoon Balisong™
is the world's best selling butterfly knife kit. Compared in quality to Benchmade, Microtech and others, this balisong kit will enhance your tricks, technique and hold up under hard use or combat situations. The Typhoon Butterfly is made in the sandwich style construction from solid stainless steel, not cast steel like the cheap butterfly knives on the market today.

balisong knife
custom butterfly knife
butterfly knife
butterfly knife
custom butterfly knife
Butterfly Training Blade
custom butterfly knife
butterfly knife technique
At Classic Knife Kits, we manufacture the world's best selling butterfly knife kit available in the balisong knife market today. This knife requires some assembly, but offers balisong customization like no other knife available. This butterfly is constructed from solid stainless steel with replaceable pivots, washers and can be fitted to each users balisong feel and lockup preference.

butterfly knifeWe offer a grindable training blade with this knife so that you can practice your butterfly tricks or balisong handling technique without risk of injury. Many martial artists and professional butterfly balisong users consider the Typhoon to be one of the finest butterfly knives they've ever handled. The blade to handle ratio is almost 50%, which makes twirling and other swing weight dependent moves a breeze. Unlike Microtech Balisong's and Benchmade Butterfly knives, the Typhoon, at 50% of their cost, allows for complete customization. It also has a blade that is hollow ground with a satin finish, not a bead blasted cheap balisong look. This is truly a quality butterfly knife that balisong users have steadily moved toward over the last several years, causing its sales to top many of the varieties on the market today, in only a short time.

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