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At Classic, we manufacture and carry an extensive line of Kydex® knife sheath and Kydex® gun holster making supplies and equipment. From Kydex® thermoplastic sheet material stock to designer Kydex® pre-formed belt loops, Tek-Lok mounting systems, Kydex sheath rivets, eyelets and Chicago Screw mounting hardware, we are one of the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of custom kydex materials and specialty kydex sheath making supplies.

Kydex® Thermoplastic Sheet is a high performance, heat formable plastic composite that is used in modern knife sheath
Kydex® and gun holster Kydex® creation. Using simple equipment, you can form this material to accept almost any item that you want. With our specialized tools and equipment, you can make Kydex® holsters and Kydex® sheaths like the professionals. From tactical black Kydex® sheet to exotic patterned camo Kydex® patterns, we have everything you need and we offer sheath making support assistance for beginners to experienced makers.

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