Torx™ Screws and Drivers
: Precision machined torx head screws for knife, gun and other uses. Also carrying Torx screw drivers and other Torx Driver Sets. Sizes from t4, t5, t6, t8, t10 and more ...

Torx Button Head Screws
Torx Flat Head Screws
Torx Socket Head Screws
Black Coated Torx Screws
Torx Screw Drivers
Torx Multi-Tools
Torx Wrenches
Torx Taps and Tap Drills
At Classic Knife Kits, we manufacture and carry an extensive line of precision Torx machine screws. From button head torx, socket head torx, pan head torx and other torx machine screw variations, we offer one of the most complete manufactured assortments of precision torx selections available for knife, gun and other torx screw construction uses.

Husky 8-n-1 Torx -->Many users find the Torx screw head configuration to be both good looking and rugged. These can be used where other precision machine screws are needed, but offer the reduced head wear associated with Hex, Allen and standard/phillips heads, while adding the extra value appeal, due to their attractiveness.

We offer a full line of Torx head screw styles from Button Head Torx, Socket Head Torx, Flat Head Torx and Pan Head Torx designs, including Torx screwdrivers, torx wrenches, multi-torx tools and torx taps and tap drills. Torx screw, tap and drill sizes from 0-80, 1-72, 2-56, 4-40 and 6-32, commonly used in gun, knife and other precision applications.

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