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Our splined, serrated press fit 3/16" button head style pivot is designed with the same diameter fixed head as a standard 6-32 button head screw. This will help you with two processes that will make your knife building much easier.

1) This pivot design will press into your side plate of the knife bolster, liner or frame. The press fit will stop the pivot from spinning when you tighten it up with the screw from the opposite side. Because it is press fit, it will stop the pivot from loosening after the pivot is tightened.

2) The UFO head design is the same diameter and height as our 6-23 button head screw. Having both heads with the same size will let you simplify the counter bore that you use with the knife. One set up is all you need to do both sides. This saves time and effort for you, and concludes a clean look from side to side. This version has our trademark designer "UFO" head design style on the stationary head to give your project that "cool, modern look" that everyone is after.

Our press fit serrated spine pivot is perfect for folders, folding tools and Butterfly Knives (balisongs). The .1863"-.1873" through-diameter on this pivot is just undersized enough to slip-fit through a .187"-.1875" reamed hole. Our press fit pivot system is one of the very best designs on the market.

We suggest using a .1865 - .187 diameter reamer. This is only a suggestion!
All materials vary in size after reaming. Please test your material and reamer before proceeding with drilling and reaming your knife.

Steel = 400 series Stainless / Heat-Treated
Head Dia. = .245"-.250"
Barrel Length = .368" - .374"
Press fit spine = 1/6 long x .190 spine press diameter (approximate)
Thread Size = 6-32
Includes "Lube Groove" for improved lubrication flow/penetration.

All pivots are heat treated for low wear.
Designed by Darrel Ralph.
Proudly made at CKK Industries, Inc. in the USA.

Note: (1 Package = 1 Pivot and 1 6-32 BHT Screw)


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