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These "metal" universal flush mount belt clips are very practical when you want a thin profile (or tight ride) on your holster, sheath, mobile phone carrier, etc. The flush mount design is very versatile in the way it attaches, allowing you to simply slip it over your belt (this model fits up to 1.75-inch belts), molle straps, or simply over your waistband. Because they are made from heavy-duty spring steel, they create excellent spring tension. And each one includes a bottom retainer lip, insuring that it's also quite secure.

This metal version of our universal flush mount belt clip comes pre-drilled with mounting holes that are separated 1 inch on the centers. This model is in Police Black and features the Spartan Helmet Engraving on the front of the belt clip. This value-priced combo has the mounting hardware included with each clip. Each Universal Metal Flush Mount Belt Clip comes with (2) Slotted Posts, (2) Mounting Screws (2) Black Metal Finishing Washers, and (2) EPDM washers. This mounting hardware setup is perfect for most applications.

Universal Flush Mount Belt Clip (Metal)
Fits belt/waistband sizes up to 1.75 inches
Color: Police Black
Engraving: Spartan Helmet
Material: Spring Steel
(3 x 1-1/2 x .05) Inches
Pre-Drilled: Yes (1 Inch on centers)
Mounting Hardware Included: Yes
Sold Individually: Yes

Note: We offer custom engravings on most of our belt clips. Call (877-255-6433) for more details.



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